ACC Gallery Guidelines and Information

The Arts & Culture Center in Culpeper will host a series of art exhibits in 2017 featuring the original work of regional artists working in all media. 


  • The ACC will issue calls for art for each exhibition through print and electronic means, including the ACC Facebook page, the ACC website and regional media.

  • ACC Exhibits Application Forms are specific to each exhibition; please request an application for each exhibit and read instructions carefully. Send inquiries to:

  • Artists may apply individually to all calls for art; please note however, that some exhibitions may be limited to a single medium.  

  • There is a non-refundable application fee of $30 for up to three works of art per call for art. Payment must be by check (made out to ACC) or credit card (Visa and Mastercard preferred). The ACC will not collect a commission on sales of art of these three works if sold during exhibition. 

  • Gallery labels will be created from the information on the application form.  Please complete form carefully.

  • After an application has been received by ACC, no substitutions or additions will be accepted.

  • Artists are asked to provide a short biography, an artist’s statement, and a photograph; this will be placed in a binder to educate the ACC gallery attendants and to share with gallery visitors; it may also be used in promotional materials. Artists are invited to bring business cards to be displayed in the Gallery.

  • All 2-dimensional art work must be suitably framed; work must be ready to hang with eye hooks, wire, and glass or Plexiglas. Saw tooth hangers, clips, wet canvases, soiled or poorly matted work will not be accepted.

  • All works of art must be labeled on back or underside: include artist’s name, contact information, title of work and retail price.  

  • If any 3-dimensional work requires special display furniture (pedestals, cases, or mannequins, for example), these items must be provided by the artist. Please label with name and contact information.

  • All art work must be in excellent condition, clean, and created within the last 5 years.  

  • Artists participating in an exhibit are invited to bring up to five additional pieces of art (not necessarily related the exhibit theme) for sale in the Gallery Bins.  Two-dimensional works must be matted and in protective sheets and labeled on the front top left corner with artist name, title, medium, price, and contact information for artist.  A complete inventory list of Gallery Bin items must be submitted when work is delivered.  A 30% commission will be accessed on all sales of art in the Gallery Bin; funds will go to support the ACC.

  • Artists and arts organizations’ representatives must sign a waiver exempting ACC from liability for loss, damage and theft (see application forms).

  • Most of the ACC exhibits are open, and all submissions that meet published requirements will be included in the exhibition. 

  • For juried shows the ACC Exhibit Committee will engage an independent art professional to judge the submissions.  Artists will be notified by email of juror’s selections.

  • Art must be delivered to The ACC Gallery at 509 South Main Street on the published date; late deliveries will NOT be accepted.

  • Art will be hung/placed by members of the ACC Exhibits Committee.

  • Each exhibit’s opening reception will be a collaboration between the ACC, arts groups, artists and local donors.  (Volunteers are welcome! Donations of refreshments and beverages are also welcome!) To assist in receptions, please contact Carolyn Walker at

  • Gallery attendants (trained volunteers) will be in the the ACC gallery on Saturday (10 a.m. – 4 p.m.) and Sunday (1 p.m. – 4 p.m.) to engage the public, safeguard the art and manage the sale of art for the ACC. (Hours are subject to change due to weather issues.)

  • Artists are encouraged to be “in-residence” with a gallery attendant to demonstrate their art techniques, create new works, and engage with the visitors. Please coordinate with members of the Exhibits Committee in advance.

  • At the conclusion of the exhibition period, the artist or his/her designated representative will be responsible for picking up unsold art on the published date, usually the Monday after the exhibition closes. Shipped artwork will be returned by same carrier at artist’s expense.

  • Artists will be paid for sold art work by check by ACC treasurer within 30 days of the closing of exhibition.


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